photo of Casey

Photo by Nicole Dowland

Hey there! I’m Casey. For a long time, I was a programmer. During that time, I coded up a lot of user interfaces and websites. Usually they were designed by someone else, and I worked off of a mockup in Figma or Photoshop. Every once in a while, I was the one “designing” the page.

It was always a big mystery what those designers were doing differently from me. I could tell that things came out a lot better when they were involved, but I couldn’t articulate why. So a couple of years ago, I decided to fix that and went back to school.

Now, after a lot of training and practice, I’m starting to understand the difference between something that’s well-designed and…whatever it was I used to do. I’m combining my knowledge of how software works under the hood with how to make it attractive and intuitive for humans to use.

If your project could use a technically-minded designer, let’s chat!