Mobile App Design

Big Ideas mobile app design

Designs for a mobile app called “Big Ideas,” for Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s a crowdsourced directory of location-specific activity ideas for mentors (“bigs” in the vocabulary of BBBS) to do with their mentees (“littles”). Users can search for activity ideas in their area, upload their own ideas, and review activities they try.

BBBS branding reference 1

This project needed to fit into existing brand standards. I didn’t have a spec to work from, so I used assets found on the client website as references to get as close as possible in the app design.

BBBS branding reference 2
Big Ideas app mockups

Mockups showing the launch screen, activity search, and activity description. The full app also would include pages for creating new activities to share with the community.

(full size Search page mockup here)

(full size Activity page mockup here)

I made a simple icon in the style of BBBS’s main logo to go with the app. I also mocked up a landing page to fit in with the existing BBBS website, advertising the app with a call to action to go download it.

Big Ideas landing page mockup
Big Ideas app icon